November 18, 2017

Location: PwC, 18 York Street, 26th Floor, Toronto

How it works...

Hosts welcome guests to their homes for the coolest city-wide dinner party to hit Toronto. The event celebrates the importance of home to raise funds for Toronto’s homeless. But here’s the twist… guests don’t know where they are going and hosts don’t know who is coming to dinner until the night of the event.

The mystery solved...

Guests gather for a pre-dinner reception with cocktails and music. They exchange their ticket for an envelope. Where inside, the name of their host is revealed. They then, dash off to a wonderful dinner party and meet new friends.


“Raging success.”

Matt Consky - Host

“Dinner was prepared with so much love, care and professionalism that it transcended the room and all the people in it!”

Udo and Francine - Guests

“It is unbelievable how 10 complete strangers can come together and have such a tremendously positive and fun experience!”

Michelle Cooke Little – Host