A celebration of home to support those who don’t have one.

Homes For Dinner is the coolest city-wide dinner party to hit Toronto. Guests take a chance and buy tickets to a dinner without knowing who their host is or at whose home they’ll be eating.

The night begins with all ticket holders gathering at for a fabulous cocktail reception (last year was at William Ashley). Here guests are handed an envelope: inside your host and their address is revealed!

Dash off to dinner for a night full of entertainment and amazing food. Strangers share a delicious feast, celebrate what it means to have a home and create a sense of community together.

Meanwhile across town, friends join in the fun by throwing a Home With Friends dinner party and raising a glass (and funds) to help house the homeless. This great addition to Homes For Dinner removes the mystery and simply allows hosts to invite their friends to join in the biggest dinner party our city has ever seen, all while supporting those without a home!

Learn more about the biggest city-wide dinner party Toronto has ever seen!

Strangers break bread and raise funds to help house the homeless in a city-wide dinner party! Homes For Dinner continues to get bigger and bigger over the years, growing to raise more than $100K and reaching over 10 million people in 2015! In 2016, we will continue to grow – in hosts, guests, and partners!

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“Raging success.”

Matt Consky - Host

“Dinner was prepared with so much love, care and professionalism that it transcended the room and all the people in it!”

Udo and Francine - Guests

“It is unbelievable how 10 complete strangers can come together and have such a tremendously positive and fun experience!”

Michelle Cooke Little – Host

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